Welcome to my website, www.pamelahbender.com.


Its purpose is to connect with my readers and sell my books. Descriptions, Book Club Worksheets, Speaking Schedules and Personal Information will be available.


I love to write, know little about marketing. Consequently, this website is my nod at getting the word out that my books exist. For years I wrote grants, speeches, papers and novels. The first four novels were lovingly put in boxes on a shelf. They still sit there.


When I retired, I wrote Until There Was Us and shared it with a few neighbors and family members who were curious about why I spent so much time with my computer. They urged me to get it published. I did and was delighted when it rose to number three on Amazon’s list of romance novels. Rising Up, Worlds Apart and The Beat Goes On complete the family saga. The success of the Dennison Family Saga is credited to the readers spreading the word. Thank you.


Through the website and Facebook, I’ve enjoyed receiving comments from readers. Many have stated that Mimi’s positive outlook has encouraged their own.  Motivated by their reaction, I launched my new series, Living Passionately.

Each book in my Living Passionately Series is about women who are fulfilled working in their chosen profession.The women are very different but share certain attributes. They are imperfect, vulnerable, and live in the flow, while embracing all life’s experiences without hesitation. When love enters their lives, they run toward it, enthusiastic partners in the exploration of all its mysteries. These women know that only through connections are we truly alive. Book One, Racing Desire, Book Two, The Shepherd’s Hook, and Book Three, Aurora's Glow, have a following of dedicated readers.

The website will also give you an opportunity to get to know me. I was raised by parents who valued things created by family and friends more than those bought in the store. Consequently, we were free to let our imaginations flow through many mediums. A section of my website will picture some of my creations in the hopes that they will prick your imagination so that you may create your own works of art. Visitors to our home say that it is like walking into a section of my brain: colorful, weird, and unpredictable. Welcome, friend.

Your opinions and reactions are cordially invited. We are partners in bringing my books into the real world. Without all of you, they would sit in the basement in boxes. If you would like me to come to your library to talk or sign books, let me know. I’m married to a wonderful extrovert who loves to travel and meet new people.