WorldsApart solo

The Dennison saga continues with Anna and her mother, Mimi, settling into a quieter life. Anna has sworn off dating until she runs into an old friend. Jeb Derben, a retired elementary principal is newly widowed and shares Anna’s friends, contacts and core values.


Jeb was raised diametrically different from Anna, Montana versus Long Island, NY. He calls silverware tools; three shirts, pants and one suit a wardrobe; it’s fine--all the compliment a person needs. He knows herding cattle, crops, tractors, livestock, hunting, and butchering. He likes the simple life with no frills. Jeb’s a straight talker who learned life lessons while growing up in a house attached to the family bar and dance hall. He tells Anna stories of what made some men fools, others heroes; some brave, others cowards; some leaders, others followers.

Anna’s the youngest of two girls; Jeb’s the oldest of four boys. They were wild, fearless, athletic and town leaders with snakes, magpies, owls, dogs, horses, kangaroo rats and cats for pets. Jeb uses humor, common sense, clear talk and honest appraisal to empower those around him; Anna uses the written word.

Jeb takes Anna out West. With the beauty of nature surrounding her, she understands life is best lived uncluttered by extra baggage or the past. Observing western dynamics, she learns plain-spoken folks are true to their word.

Join Anna as Jeb teaches her what true love really is.

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