Book Two in Bender’s new series takes her readers into the world of a multitalented mother, shepherd, and fiberista.  Bess, a young widow, is determined to focus only on six-year-old Sadie. Relocating to Pennsylvania, Bess teaches spinning at a yarn shop. Just when they are settling into their new life, fate and three circling vultures instantly change everything. 

Join Bess and Sadie as they meet James, a retired Army Captain, who is keeping his promise to his surviving soldiers and their fallen brothers. James, an artist at heart, finds himself on a farm surrounded by hundreds of animals he knows little about. Bess and Sadie meet the decorated veterans and their families on their first trip to the farm. Sadie bonds with Millie, a kitten, Rascal, a baby donkey, Dipsy, a goat, and Judy, a daughter of one veteran. Bess bonds with the two hundred sheep that are about to give birth.

Bender gently weaves the lives of wounded souls together to make a captivating tale of love, healing, devotion, commitment, and servitude. The Shepherd’s Hook honors our shepherds, fiber artists, returning soldiers, and those who cling to their farms as a way to make sense of a world gone wild.


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