The following information is provided in hopes that you will try some of these projects, let your imagination run free and make your own unique works of art.

SheepSpinning Yarn

My friend is a shepherd with a flock of over two hundred sheep. She and her husband own the Potosi Farm in Glen Rock, PA. I’ve often held the sheep that will produce my fiber a few hours after their birth. Once grown and sheared, I take their fleece and wash, dye, card and spin it into yarn. Knitting a prayer shawl with yarn I have made with my own hands, grounds me to the earth, cycle of life and the women in crisis who will wear it.

Needle Felted CreaturesNeedle-Felted Creatures

Here I am carding wool for my 4H club. They use barbed felting needles to create creatures like the ones shown. Wool is an amazing fiber to sculpt figures. No two are alike because the fiber does is own thing. They remind me of people; each one has its own personality.

Stain GlassStained Glass





I am second generation stained glass artist. Most of the lamps here were made by my dad. Selecting, cutting, grinding and soldering beautiful colored and textured glass is rewarding. The first time you see the sun shine through a newly completed panel is magical.

Bird's NestBird's Nest



Stained glass can be glued and then filled in with grout. The bird’s nest to the left is a portion of our fireplace mantel.

Floor ClothsFloorcloths



Starting with a piece of ordinary drop cloth and turning it into a rug is a wonderful journey. First step is shrinking the canvas by throwing hot buckets of water over it. Next, two coats of flat paint prepares your canvas. Use stencils, free hand drawing, or a block to paint your pattern. I use six coats of polyurethane to complete the process. These floorcloths will probably outlive me. A steam mop erases any spills. Floorcloths are perfect for kitchens, halls, and dining rooms, especially in our house which is busy with our thirteen grandchildren and their parents.

Hooked RugsHooked Rugs


Hooking rugs allows you to cut up, dye, and then hook old wool clothing into beautiful wall covers or chair cushions. I walk around my house and smile, remembering wool suits, pants, and jackets that were reinvented into parts of flowered rugs or pictures.

Game BoardGame Board


This project is named Game Board. Joe and I collected old game pieces for over a year from various shops on our trips. Now they work together to welcome all into our living room.


Story BoardStory Board


Two old doors provide a place for the story board for the current book. The one in this picture deals with Book Three, Worlds Apart. Every time I walk by, it reminds me of another scene that needs to be inserted in the Third Book of the Dennison Saga.

Story BoardFamily Tree Window



The window below represents our family tree. Each leaf has a colored glass jewel for the birth month of the represented family member. The flowers at the base of the tree represent Joe and me. Each flower has three colors, our parents’ birth months and a center jewel with ours. Notice Joe’s flower is on a cactus, designating his Western heritage. Dark blue grout fills in the background and makes the color pop.