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Three Book Fictional Family Saga:

The Beat Goes On

Until There Was Us

Rising Up

Worlds Apart

Living Passionately Series:

Racing Desire

The Shepherd's Hook

Aurora's Glow




Book Two in Bender’s new series takes her readers into the world of a multitalented mother, shepherd, and fiberista.  Bess, a young widow, is determined to focus only on six-year-old Sadie. Relocating to Pennsylvania, Bess teaches spinning at a yarn shop. Just when they are settling into their new life, fate and three circling vultures instantly change everything. 

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racingDesire soloA heart-pounding adventure from the first page to the last, Racing Desire is the perfect book to begin Bender’s new series, Living Passionately.

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A Roaring Twenties and Great Depression coming of age story that follows one young woman and her family as she finds her way into a deadly world of speakeasies and unsavory characters.

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rising_up_book_coverThis heartbreakingly beautiful story about surviving abuse serves as the second book of Pamela Bender’s Dennison saga, celebrating the ability of women to flourish in spite of monumental challenges.

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WorldsApart solo

The Dennison saga continues with Anna and her mother, Mimi, settling into a quieter life. Anna has sworn off dating until she runs into an old friend. Jeb Derben, a retired elementary principal is newly widowed and shares Anna’s friends, contacts and core values.


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